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JUNIOR ACHIEVERS ACADEMY provides quality staff with extensive experience. It is our pleasure to share and provide the best we can be for you and your children.

Miss Simona, Manager/Owner

Miss Simona started out babysitting. She loved it so much she pursued her career in Early Childhood Education and has provided care for more that 20 years. Miss Simona has worked in childcare, Preschool, and Junior Kindergarten. Miss Simona also has worked with children with a variety of challenges. She is a mother of a 14 year old boy, and has two wonderful cats. Hobbies for Miss Simona are smiling, having fun, children, animals, travelling, eating, fixing, gardening, decorating, walking, hiking, and many other things:)

Bella the Balinese Cat, pet #1

Super gentle and quite the talker. Loves children and is definitely a "dog" cat. Loves to perform for people and then get some yummy treats. Very social and caring.

Harlie Marlie the Balinese Cat pet#2 Being the youngest of the pets she is full of beans sometimes and likes to get into mischief! The children enjoy her climbing abilities and how she carries lids around in her mouth trying to hide them or play hockey with them!

Titus the Jack Russel Terrier pet#3 An old fellow with a heart of gold! The children enjoy his cuddles and company!